This course is designed to fulfill the fire alarm technicians need in all the areas. It is a specialized training course for fire alarm systems from the fire alarm industry or security organizations.

This course enhances the knowledge and gives you professionalism on the fire system factors to an individual or an organization or companies depending on the requirement.

This training program has been approved by numerous authorities nationwide and is widely recognized in the industry.

Our training course meets the industry standards with the latest information and techniques with the everyday update of the technology.

The fire alarm technicians should be able to work on various categories like:

  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Verifications
  • Installations

All the technicians must be qualified from their respective registered course and be accountable to be a multi-tasker from the fire detection industry.

The training module by experts is designed into majorly 3 categories:

  • Fire Alarms: This is very well suited for companies, organizations or other sectors with a large workforce. This needs specialized training on access control, fire shutters, etc. by fire engineers and who could understand the fire integration of fire systems.
  • Foundation of Fire Alarms: This is recommended to individuals, volunteers, organizations or other who is interested in learning the techniques. They should be able to support, upgrade, maintain, and can install fire alarm equipment completely. Special training is needed for engineers, technicians, consultants, fire alarm system users from fire security industry.
  • Legislation Techniques: This is to guide the legislation process and will be a one-day course for building managements, a person in charge of a specific community or company or organization to completely enhance the fire alarm system and security management.

Our training techniques are unique with tried and tested methods in both theoretical and practical sessions with a live demo.

It accruals the knowledge and skills to involve in any sort of environment to design, install, and maintain the fire alarm systems irrespective of the workplaces.

We provide the full training within the active duration time along with the certification program.

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