NDT Level III Consulting


NDT consulting services work towards Non Destructive testing among various sectors. The courses are offered in both classrooms and on the field. NDT consulting services has the extensive experience with a solution to the collection of complex problems by using the NDT technologies.

Our specialist NDT team will always keep an eye on the workflow and checks everything reaches to current industry standards by obeying all the customer needs.

  •          Aerospace.
  •         Oil & Gas Refineries
  •         Construction & Building Services.
  •         Manufacturing industris
  •         Power & Energy. sector
  •         Ship Building Sector

NDT Level III Consulting Services:

Our services are vast and we are listing few of the significant categories our team works with as following:

  • ultrasonic testing
  • magnetic particle
  • liquid penetrant
  • visual and optical testing
  • eddy current testing
  • radiographic field interpretation
  • magnetic flux leakage

NDT Level III Consulting assists you with the following:

  • Adopt to the specific purpose for the suitable equipment’s
  • Helps with NDT implementation process
  • Choose various NDT inspection procedures suitable for NDT methods, clients and NDT jobs.
  • Audit report preparation and process
  • NDT Training, and Certification program
  • Radiation safety guidance
  • Detailed review on all inspection procedures
  • Certification on ASME code stamp

We even collaborate with companies to set-up in-house NDT service throughout the project for long-time relationships. Our procedure includes the following facilities:

In-house NDT Set up Procedure:

  • A through study on the client’s components
  • A deep research on the methods and techniques to mingle with the company specifications and standards suitable
  • Choosing the appropriate equipment useful long-term to the company with a study on the equipment, its benefits and other needs
  • Making a proper layout for the functionality of the services through the equipment
  • Inspection of equipment before finalizing to estimate its advantages and uses
  • Maintenance of equipment and its accessories with the appropriate charges

We as a reputed team of NDT consulting are available for all the types of services either for project-based works or contract based works with an on-going support system throughout our collaboration.

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